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A high school soccer coach who was arrested after he ran away with a 17-year-old girl was charged Friday for unlawful sexual activity with a minor. If convicted on the two charges, Rodriguez faces up to 35 years in prison.

Rian Rodriguez, 27, who is said to have driven Caitlyn Frisina 1,000 miles from her Lake City, Florida home to upstate New York earlier this month, was charged with sexual assault and interference with child custody, according to online jail records. Police formerly believed there was no romantic relationship between Frisina and Rodriguez - who was described as a 'good friend' to the family.'There was nothing seen to be inappropriate,' Columbia County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sergeant Murray Smith said earlier this month.

HAINES CITY — A former teacher at Ridge Community High School has been arrested on charges related to attempts to have sexually explicit photos of students under the age of 18 sent to him and to have sexual contact with at least one of the girls.

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Patients need health care facilities to be safe places to receive treatment, and in fact, all hospitals are required to implement effective systems to prevent all forms of abuse and harassment of patients.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) lists seven components “suggested as necessary” for such systems, including providing adequate numbers and types of staff, screening employees for any record of abuse, providing adequate training, identifying incidents proactively, investigating all allegations, protecting patients during investigations, and ensuring that appropriate corrective measures are taken.

When the car turned into a Subway parking lot, the officer and other police blocked it in and arrested Rodriguez, who reportedly offered no resistance.

The high-school soccer coach had consented to be extradited to Florida for trial.

An arrest affidavit by the sheriff's office said that Snapchat messages of a sexual nature were recovered from Frisina's phone.

In at least one of them they discussed Rodriguez's genitals, the affidavit said, according to First Coast News.

Frisina, meanwhile, was reunited with her parents - father Ward and mom Scarlet.

Arrest documents obtained by by WJAX-TV revealed that Rodriguez had intended to flee the country with Frisina.

It is important to note that although front line staff are often held responsible for incidents of abuse, they do not have control over their workplaces.

In each of these examples, regulators and litigants lay responsibility for abusive conditions at the door of the facility itself.

Murray Smith.'[Rodriguez] was a fine young man, he was a mentor to the soccer team, there was no indicators that he would do something like this,' Smith said.

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