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The live situation on the MEHR-stage is an esthetic piece of art in its self. James is the pastor of a church in Halifax, Kanada, that is winning hundreds of new people for Jesus and is experiencing a great awakening. With crystal clear logic, highly entertaining and with insights that pierce the heart directly, Johannes’ teachings are experiences of their own kind.

In addition, top-level research is being done in all disciplines represented at the university.

The University of Augsburg is situated on a landscaped campus to the south of the city of Augsburg, easily reached both by road and by public transport.

So I'll close with a single word, open to interpretation: Wow.

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The University of Augsburg offers a wide range of academic programmes in arts, humanities, natural sciences, business and law.

In its research, the University of Augsburg connects local with global perspectives in a network of academic discourses centered on five focus areas: Transnational Studies, Health Sciences, Resource Management, Materials Science and Applied Computer Science.The University of Augsburg was founded in 1970 and is thus one of the new, modern universities in Bavaria.At approximately 19,000 students and an academic staff of about 1,200, it is still of a manageable size, yet it attracts students and scholars from far beyond its immediate catchment area. God is doing a new thing before your very eyes, and you can be part of it. It is also the ideal place to have a live experience of the MEHR conference, if you are not so fond of big crowds or high volume sound. MEHRspace allows for more room to move, is not as loud as the auditorium and therefore perfectly suited to take small children with you (strollers allowed). He will speak on the challenges they are facing but more of the power of God that shows up, where christians stand in union and move forward boldly.


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