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There is a love so passionate and obsessive, it is destructive.

And the proof of that is in what's happened to them both. I just wish now that I could have forced the two of them apart.

So, what's your take on Yates, Hutchence, and Geldof? Does Geldof get on your nerves with his fame whoring? She first met Hutchence doing an interview, and it can be seen on Youtube.

I used to watch her interviews every morning on that show.

I don't know much about Paula Yates, just that she hosted a UK TV show and whatever the Brit music papers, NME and Melody Maker said about her at the time I was reading those papers. Her dramatic death (& life) seem to have given her some sort of gravitas.

She seemed like a typical bleached blond bimbo airhead.[quote]Was she still married to Geldof during this interview?? She was horrified to discover, later in life, that her real father was the awful, 60s Tv presenter, Hughie Green. I read some tell-all book that one of Paula's friends wrote after her death, something like "Paula, Michael and Bob: What Really Happened." The most interesting bit was that the friend was snooping around Paula's house while babysitting, she had found drugs and was looking for more.

It was spring 1995 when Michael and Paula - who I had known since 1977 when she was with Bob Geldof - fell for each other.

Michael had just done that famous Big Breakfast interview on the bed with her.

Video director NICK EGAN, above, was Michael's best friend and today he reveals exclusively to the Sunday Mirror the truth about their doomed lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.


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