My blog feed is not updating

Your Ping resulted in an Error “We were unable to process your ping.

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I cannot see any new stories on my Newsfeed from the various pages and brands I follow.

I have to go to their individual pages to see new content.

AND on top of that my newsfeed won't show anything past last Friday.

As we all know, Google Reader is disappearing on July 1st.

Once you’ve claimed your blog, you can go to Account My Blog and edit your details, such as title, description and category.

How to claim you Profile Page Set up a profile page here to display some information about you and a list of your blogs.

Beside this is the search bar where you can search and follow blogs.

To add a blog, you can search for a word, a user-name or using the URL.

In order to save bandwidth many rss readers look at the items GUID, if the GUID does not change it does not update the item.

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