Validating someones suffering

When you tell a complainer “it’s not that bad”, he will often complain even harder to convince you (and himself) that his problems are very serious indeed.2: Suggesting solutions doesn’t work “Why don’t you…”, “have you tried…” or even worse “You should really have…” The complainers’ problems are really serious and can’t be solved by a few smart-ass suggestions from you. The more you try to suggest solutions, the harder they will work to convince you and themselves that these solutions could never possibly work for them.It’s a fact that negative people are highly contagious and one chronic complainer can easily get an entire department down.

There are two important things to notice here: you” in a sarcastic voice. The cycle is cut at the point you take their distress seriously.

You’re just acknowledging the fact that this is a huge problem for that person. So try this approach on your favorite complainer and tell me how it goes.

All complainers magically stop complaining at this. 4: Complaining about the complainers doesn’t work “Damn, that Sally complains a lot doesn’t she?

” Guess what, you just became a complainer :o) 5: Ignoring them / avoiding them doesn’t work This makes complainers clamor for attention even more – which usually makes people ignore them even more. 6: Complaining along with them doesn’t work “You know what, you’re right, the boss IS a jerk. In fact everything sucks.” This can be kind of cosy because it creates bonding and an us-against-the-world feeling.

” but my friend is a naturally happy person and would instead try to cheer him up. So I taught her this trick and the next time he came in for an appointment she was ready.

He went in the chair, and immediately started complaining.

End Stage does not have to mean the end of your life.

Saying those words to you is the whole purpose of why I blog.

I have lived through end stage liver disease and know that your diet, lifestyle, and medications can help. The liver is no longer able to carry out the functions that you need to keep going.


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