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My recovery plan is NOT what my surgeon alluded to before surgery, but I do not mind. I have six weeks of complete rest, but I can walk on crutches as much as I can tolerate. I have been waking up from the pain sometimes at night. I could not imagine going through this without the support of my wife.My body was getting really fed up by my new muscle uses by this time. My hip started hurting more because I assume it was healing. Please consider temporarily moving in with someone who has a lot of patience with you if you live alone.

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He removed a big cyst that had formed in my right hip joint.

Also, he sewed my labrum back together and held it in place with two surgical screws which should disintegrate with time.

The single most helpful thing for me now with hip pain: bicycling.

I still think it is a poor substitute for running but I've grown to like it more than I thought I could.

[edit three years later] I have two metal surgical screws holding my labrum in place.

They were detected by security in my airport recently.

Nevertheless, all the physical therapists I saw said, 'let pain be your guide.' If I was not so afraid of hurting my hip, I believe I could have recovered more quickly. I hope your own journey through FAI recovery goes quicker and less stressfully than my own. My overnight stay in the Bucks County Specialty hospital was a pleasurable experience. I felt quite good on the Endromorphine they treated me with on-site. When you get in the car for the ride home from the hospital, that's when your recovery condition really hits you.

Nevertheless, when I came home and went on weaker medicines, the real pain started!

My surgeon performed osteoplasty on my femur bone making it spherical shaped.


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