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As a product, it’s generally considered a product failure, so the surviving boxes must be relatively rare.

So rare, that Jason B wrote these despairing words of resignation to accompanying his 2010 photo on the right: This is as close to owning a Corn Flakes with instant Bananas box as I’ll ever get.

Researching it further, however, I soon realized that it was nothing of the kind.

In September 1980, the wife of Gerald Uden disappeared from Lander, Wyoming, along with her two sons, Reagan aged 10, and 11-year-old Richard.

Uden had adopted the two boys during his short marriage to Virginia but was not the biological father.

You can either specify a set number of times for the animation to play (one or more); or else you can let it continuously loop forever.

(an number of times) Konczakowski almost always chooses infinity.

Indeed, in my own surveys of Droste-effect packages, I’ve resorted to a sort of Droste-effect fractal dimension, counting how many smaller packages can be clearly identified in each case.

Krutch also declared (as a “stupendous fact”) that “infinity can be neither represented or imagined.” Konczakowski, with his Nowadays it might seem tone deaf to ring in the new year with “Booze Bombs.” You could laugh your head off about these “booze bomb decanter” gag gifts in the early 1960s.

He put Virginia's body in a 55-gallon steel drum and sealed it, he said, then put the boys' bodies in a 30-gallon drum and sealed it, too.

He said he took his boat to Fremont Lake and dumped the drums.

Overstreet collection and that it exceeded its auction estimate of 0–200 and sold for 9.92.

I’m not sure whether the Droste-effect feature added to its monetary value as a collectible artifact.

It was a deflated inflatable—an oversized, bottle-shaped promotional item.


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