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Blomaga (ブロマガ) is a feature on Nico Nico Douga that allows users to post blog posts.

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Not to be confused with Ikemen, which is used for more mature looking handsome men. Bokukko (ボクっ娘) Also known as "Bokko", it is a Japanese term for a girl that acts like a boy. a tomboy) The term originated from the fact that "Bokukko" tend to use "boku" (masculine form of I) rather than "watashi" (neutral form of I) when referring to themselves.

Bokukko is combination of the words "boku" 僕/ボク and "musume" 娘 (read as "ko"), which literally translates to "I (masculine form of I) girl." Bouyomi-chan (棒読みちゃん) is a software that helps namanushi to listen the comments without watching them. silent Mylist) is a tag on Nico Nico Douga that is put on videos where the number of comments is less (often significantly so) than the number of mylists.

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Some are for specific purposes, such as "for going to sleep BGM" or "while doing homework BGM". Not to be confused with Bishoujo, which is used for younger looking pretty girls. Not to be confused with Bijin, which is used for more mature looking beautiful women.

bkk stands for Bakaka (バカか), and is usually used when someone's an idiot.

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