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This great video chat free app provides an amazing way to video conference.It's appropriate for family chat, training, meetings, government and education work.This app has somewhat become the official way several recruiters carry out job interviews and for other communication.

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You can video chat, send text messages, send attachments of pictures, sound, and documents and even make direct mobile calls.

All this is for free except for the mobile calls which the app charges a little fee.

In other words, callers can enjoy games with their recipients as they chat.

Tango offers all the features of video and voice chats but doesn't send content.

This is one of the top best free video phone chat apps.

We Chat was initially created to support instant messages which it does but it is also great for voice and video chatting. What makes it even more interesting is that unanswered calls can be recorded although on an answering machine. Once a caller isn’t online, their voice is streamed and kept for the intended recipient.

After the first phone call was made in 1884 which introduced telephones, it wasn’t long until technology was discovered that made video chat apps free and possible.

In the early 1990's, video calling was introduced but for a fee that only the rich could afford. Today, most video calls are for free while some apps offer video calls for a fee little than the fees required for a mobile phone call. Delayed videos, faulty graphics might not be avoided if you don’t use the best app.

But with hundreds of apps available, all one has to do is find the best one.


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