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She met Euan Blair while on work experience with Mr Hoon and later worked at Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation.

Last year, after working for American merchant bank Morgan Stanley, Euan became a business development manager at the Coventry-based Sarina Russo Job Access – part of the Government’s Work Programme – in a move said by some to be a stepping stone towards following his father into politics.

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Political guestlist: Tony Blair's former envoy to Brunei Lord Charles Powell, left, and former justice secretary Lord Charles Falconer, arrive to celebrate the wedding of their former leader's eldest son‘She [Sian] always felt like she was seen as a bit cheap and on the make,’ said a friend.

‘Sian tried to make an effort with Suzanne but because of her mother she wouldn’t give an inch.

I'd finished high school a year early and worked full-time to save for college.

Different management trainees rotated through the hotel and they would stay in one of the rooms for several months.

After a few months on the job, he sent me an innocuous email at my personal email address, which was an indirect admission that he remembered our past, because there was no other way he could have had that address.

That email allowed me to break the ice and point out the obvious and everything was then out in the open.The Blairs bought 17th-century South Pavilion, worth £5.75 million, in 2008.Once home to the actor Sir John Gielgud, it has seven bedrooms and grounds that include a former farmhouse now used by security staff.And after praising the bride, Cherie Blair said of her 29-year-old son, who wore a blue lounge suit with a white carnation: ‘Didn’t my boy look amazing!’ Earlier, at the church door, an emotional Mr Blair held his son’s face in his hands and kissed him on the cheek.Miss Lloyd, who once appeared on I’m a Celebrity...


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