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Amy from Honker Tonkers worked so hard to make this. More people wrote poems in the chippy than in the library. This year the name will be different, but the spirit will be the same. This sums up the Fun Palace concept perfectly: My three step guide to starting a Fun Palace goes something like this: Obviously there is no one ‘right way’ to do this, and that’s part of the reason Fun Palaces are brilliant. Whitstable Fun Palace is a new name and a new start.

We quite literally got egg on our faces when a drunk chap smashed up our ‘it won’t break’ egg experiment. A musical garden Some home made musical instruments. We did try to get Greg wallace to judge, as he lives here. The local bread maker judged the winners and there were some very exciting sandwiches. If Museum of Fun looks like a random collection of people putting on a random variety of entertainment under a vague banner of ‘fun,’ well that’s pretty much it.

"We're naturally wired for verbal communication," says Kimberly Scanlon, a speech therapist and author of "My Toddler Talks." "Your child should go from having about one to a few words at a year old to between 200 and 300 words at 2." Although children's development stages are fairly consistent, the exact age at which they hit these milestones varies considerably, according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

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In July 2014 I heard of Fun Palaces, and started the project with one potential helper, a hopeful tweet, and a page at Teaching people knitting We had a few fabric craft things, but giant knitting needles and patient knitting teachers worked well.

I called Whitstable’s Fun Palace, ‘Museum of Fun’ even though it would have been far more sensible to call it Whitstable Fun Palace. Fun can be as simple as water, polystyrene, paper and sellotape. The random old man who turned up with his musical machine I didn’t know he was coming. Collaborative art This was part of our ‘Drink & Draw’ fundraising night.

The audience watching our Pot Noodle science experiment.

The whole thing was put together with borrowed stuff. Art you can eat This was one of our fundraising events, though Fun Palaces are usually free. Most people said they felt more confident when they did the ‘power pose.’ We had a chart but I can’t remember the exact percentage. If you want to get involved please do get in touch. My favourite Fun Palace (apart from Mo F, obviously) was one in a butchers shop. I haven’t quite pinned down the definition of fun, so I’m glad I’ll have opportunity to explore it a little more on October 8th.

At this age, your tot can follow simple commands and understand short questions.

Though they'll still be squirmy, your child will start to listen to and understand simple stories, songs and rhymes.

The friends and helpers I once totted it up and realised more than 100 local people have given time to help Mo F over the years, there were around 70 volunteers involved in 2015.

Carers Trust is replacing YCNet with a new online service for young carers called Babble.

I wanted to find a venue then fill it with random fun stuff that people could visit and enjoy. If children learn through play then when does that sort of learning stop? My Museum of Fun project didn’t actually answer any of my questions, but I liked thinking about them anyway. It’s possibly something to do with mixing pleasure with surprise. I felt so much fondness for my old project as I said goodbye to the name. The Offy lost their cardboard shop down the back of a drinks display fitting. Here’s our Mo F venue, Whitstable Umbrella Centre, and of course the cardboard version. Cardboard Whitstable with added Scalextric racing and little Whitstable people in 2015 This was Amy Turner’s inspired idea. Once again the poor husband’s got roped in, thanks for the Scalextric Phil!


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