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Any response that diminishes, puts people down, is judgmental, gives unwanted advice, tells people how to feel or not to feel, or passes off the situation with a trivializing cliché is engaging in emotional invalidation.As you break the cycle of emotional invalidation, you will find that you will be more self-aware, less critical and more compassionate.

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These are good things that will change your life in many, many positive ways.

This function is primarily used as a transition tool for programs being converted from Python 2 which supported the use of comparison functions.

The SHARE and GUIDE user groups were involved in extending the language and had a role in IBM's process for controlling the language through their PL/I Projects.

The experience of defining such a large language showed the need for a formal definition of PL/I.

If you watch closely, you will see the person being invalidated flinch, withdraw, or become defensive. It is abusive, and it occurs outside of most people’s consciousness. He will feel emotions, be afraid of them, and repress them.

Most individuals don’t know that they are causing harm. A 3-year old boy is crying because he skinned his elbow falling off his tricycle. The girl that was interested in him will find him cold, aloof and emotionally unavailable. This pattern repeats itself in adulthood, leading to Dad, the three-year-old 20 years ago, now telling his boy to man up and stop being a sissy.

This simplifies the effort involved in specifying all of the possible rich comparison operations: The class must define one of come at the cost of slower execution and more complex stack traces for the derived comparison methods.

If performance benchmarking indicates this is a bottleneck for a given application, implementing all six rich comparison methods instead is likely to provide an easy speed boost. The optional arguments are tuples to specify which attributes of the original function are assigned directly to the matching attributes on the wrapper function and which attributes of the wrapper function are updated with the corresponding attributes from the original function.

Worse, if we are in a deeply emotional experience, we are called irrational, crazy, menstrual, bitchy and worse. Second, if he has emotions, he has to stuff them if he wants to be loved.

The effect is to deny us that which makes us human. Once you become aware of it, you will see it between parents and even very small children, between friends, at the dinner table, at parties and at work. Third, if he wants to be tough and strong like Dad, he can’t allow himself to feel anything. Assuming the lesson has been repeated over and over, what kind of relationship training does that young man have for dealing with emotionality of his first relationships with a girl None, of course.

PL/I's main domains are data processing, numerical computation, scientific computing, and system programming; it supports recursion, structured programming, linked data structure handling, fixed-point, floating-point, complex, character string handling, and bit string handling.

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