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can do when you die and leave them all that life insurance money ;) Because if there’s anything worse than dying itself, it’s dying and then having to deal with a bunch of financial problems while they grieve for you. For merely paying /mo for my Term Life insurance! We each have our own 30 year policy (she only pays /mo, because she’s hotter than me) and we go through USAA.And it’s a lot harder to worry about that stuff when you know a big fat check is coming in the mail. The type most of us $$$ bloggers recommend (especially to younger people) because it’s so simple and straight forward: you die, you get the money. Most people aren’t associated with the military though, so you can check out places like Select which aggregates all of the policies out there to help you find the best, and most affordable, fit.XOXO, Your Hunk of a Husband Obviously it’ll look different for everyone depending on their goals/current finances/personalities, but I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Till Windows 8.1, folks easily managed to go with earlier versions.

But now with Windows 10, the software is completely challenged due to compatibility issues.

All I ask is that you give it to smaller, lesser known organizations, or even better – individuals you guys cross over the years needing an extra lift. I wish I wasn’t so lazy or else I’d have already done it! Now take out a picture of us and kiss me :) I’ll be seeing you soon, honey… They give me some that are bigger than the moon, which they assure me is made up of cheese.

Established organizations do great things, but the joy of experiencing a one-on-one impact really is something to take in. Well, you can tell them Heaven is even better – it’s made up of marshmallows!

And then I’d say when it gets too complicated to ask my brother for help :) … I now see your true genius- admitting that your wife is hotter than you is good for your health on so many levels. This forward thinking strategy also applies for other things than finances and funerals (I prefer party as well and my family plans on taking my ashes for a road trip).

While he would be good help, I’m not sure that’s how I should leave my wife hanging. I have instructed my children that once I am gone to give their father a mourning period and then get him a girlfriend/wife/companion/concubine as he is not a fan of living alone. I simply told them that after a good 6 months had gone by they would see it my way!:) They said they would opt for a dog but they know I have given “permission” to find him someone else, therefore removing any guilt if/when he becomes too high maintenance for them. I definitely handle the household finances and, even though I’ve gone over them with Mr. No one likes to think about dying but your letter was quite entertaining. :) Reply Last week I was going to bed and had the thought of “what if I didn’t wake up in the morning?MMM several times, I still wonder if he would struggle to get everything in order if I wasn’t here. ” And it got me to thinking about all the info that I need to offload onto my wife incase that happens soon.Create another Vanguard brokerage account just like you did for the kids, but this time CALL them up and ask what they recommend for this purpose.They’ll ask you a handful of questions like how risk averse you are, among others, and then just follow their lead and you’re all set!Many of you may be aware of Microsoft Money and have used it in the past.


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  2. Click this link to learn more about the Yahoo Chat rules which guide users' activities and actions.3.

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