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The term caesura comes from the Latin "a cutting" or "a slicing." Some editors will indicate a CALQUE: An expression formed by individually translating parts of a longer foreign expression and then combining them in a way that may or may not make literal sense in the new language.

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For instance, the first quarto of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida has a title page existing in both cancelled and uncancelled states, leaving modern readers in some doubt as to whether the play should be considered a comedy, history, or tragedy., meaning "reed" or "measuring rod"): Canon has three general meanings.

(1) An approved or traditional collection of works.

Poetry or literature that illustrates this moral is often called poetry or literature of the "carpe diem" tradition.

Examples include Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress," and Herrick's "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time." Cf. Common cases include the nominative, the accusative, the genitive, the dative, the ablative, the vocative, and the instrumental forms.

An example would be Mary Rowlandson's (love) espoused in the New Testament, the four cardinal virtues consisted of prudence, temperance, fortitude, and justice.

Theologians like Saint Augustine argued Christians alone monopolized faith in a true God, hope of a real afterlife, and the ability to love human beings not for their own sake, but as a manifestation of God's creation.Originally, the term "canon" applied to the list of books to be included as authentic biblical doctrine in the Hebrew and Christian Bible, as opposed to apocryphal works (works of dubious, mysterious or uncertain origin). (2) Today, literature students typically use the word canon to refer to those works in anthologies that have come to be considered standard or traditionally included in the classroom and published textbooks.In this sense, "the canon" denotes the entire body of literature traditionally thought to be suitable for admiration and study.Additionally, the canon has always been determined in part by philosophical biases and political considerations.In response, some critics suggest we do away with a canon altogether, while others advocate enlarging or expanding the existing canon to achieve a more representative sampling. (1) It refers generally to the words of a Provençal or Italian song.NB: Do not confuse the spelling of cannon (the big gun) with canon (the official collection of literary works). Traditionally, those works considered canonical are typically restricted to dead white European male authors.


  1. After 35 years, Miss Innes retired to a new home she built on the Owen Farm, south of Canton. She had a wonderful retirement with many years of friendship and love from family and friends. Troy Gazette-Register, Troy, PA Thursday, March , 2000 JONES, HARRY J., Harry J. The body is at the Kleese Funeral Home, Canton, where services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. Norman) Pierce, Canton, PA; Joan Leahy, Canton, PA; Reba (Chip) Strickland, Springfiled, OH; Ruth (Jerald) Burrows, Mansfield, PA; step daughter-in-law, Laura Wilcox Terry, Mansfield, PA; In addition to her parents and former husbands, Jessie was predeceased by a daughter, Glenda Thompson in 2008; and a son, Daniel Bryington 2009 and five siblings. Donald (Velma) Spencer, Antrim, PA; two sons and daughters-in-law, Elwood and Barbara Wilber, Canton, and Lewayne and Marilyn Wilber, Canton RD 2; two sons, Cecil, Canton and Gary at home; 15 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; one brother, Rodney Kelley, Canton. Melvin Good, pastor of the Wheelerville Mennonite Church, officiating. (Buried Grover Cemetery) KENNEDY - WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH M., Elizabeth M. He is survived by several nieces, nephews and cousins. Husted, pastor of the Canton First Baptist Church officiating. Friends may call at the funeral home tonight from 7 until 8 oclock. He was taken to the Troy Community Hospital and pronounced dead upon arrival there. Kohler was born in Roaring Branch May 22, 1904 a son of David J. Surviving in addition to his wife are: three daughters, Mrs.

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