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The brother was excommunicated, and immediately the next day other dissidents who heard about it came to him wanting him to sign on to a full page ad in the Tribune blasting what they were calling religious freedom. Telling them he had made a mistake, but he still loved the Church immensely and would stop his seminars, etc., and do whatever he needed to do to get his membership restored.This he was faithful in doing, and in about 18 months he was rebaptized into the Church.He cannot be allowed to be teaching what he is teaching and remain a member of the Church.” Still nothing happened, so he was released as a stake president.

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President Otten came home from work that day really troubled about this disciplinary council he was going to conduct on this brother the following evening because of only having one witness.

He even said to his wife I’ve had the feeling that my Area President is going to call me with another witness, and had barely said it when the phone call from me rang through.

On his third visit to my office he thanked me for my counsel and was leaving when I put my arm around him and said “We’re short on counsel in this office but long on direction.

I’m directing you to take action to correct or else excommunicate this man.

He was appraised of the problem, and moved to correct it quickly.

I gave him permission to use his regional representative in any fashion he wanted, to cross boundaries of responsibility, and gather whatever evidence he felt he needed. Let me just tell you what happened on the other side of the telephone call I made.

When I went to talk to President Otten on the telephone he didn’t answer.

I was wondering what was the matter, when it finally dawned on me that he was in tears.

Packer, and a GA who was directly involved in the excommunication of Avraham Gileadi (one of the September Six).

In this multi-part episode with Christine we discuss: Below are excerpts from “Up Close And Personal: The Life History of Malcolm Seth and Marian Jeppsen” relating to Avraham Giliadi (pages 433 – 437), shared with permission of Christine Jeppsen Clark (editing for spelling/grammar by Christine).

“A Widely Known Priest Crafter.” “In October of this year another challenge presented itself concerning a brother who lived in the Salem Stake.


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