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Before candy bars, before ice cream, before almost every kind of sweet treat known to man there was – and still is – honey.

The sticky golden sweet substance has been found in clay jars dating back 5,000 years ago, it is mentioned in the Bible, and it seems that a depiction of people gathering honey from trees is painted on cave walls dating back 8,000 years ago.

China glaze bermuda breakaway dating a royal

After treating my nail with the Avon product for five days, I started polish my nails again, mostly out of boredom but also for protection, and I used Citra 2 as my base. We are wearing gloves all the the time when caring for the elders anyway!

Not only did I discover it was a heck of a base, Citra 2 really did the job of keeping my nails great. This is what my remover graveyard urn looked like the other day: No sign of activity lately...

In fact, they had just gotten really nice when I started this period of training. Sure you would, not only do you already know they are, but you are also very familiar with the look of the natural nail.

After two weeks of working, I noticed the nail surface was so worn I realised that my nails wouldn't survive at all if I didn't do something. And I had noticed that some of the other girls in my work place were sloppy about following the rule of no nail polish, and that combined with my new knowledge in nursing lead to my desicion to start protecting my nails. Even though my co-workers isn't always following all the rules themselves, I felt that it was best that they didn't even find anything to criticise. But pretend you saw these in a working environment. Here is what I used: My latest holy grail nail treatment- Avon Nail Experts Length and Strength Complex, my holy grail strengthener base coat Nail Tek Citra 2, and Nubar V for men.

In my original review, I complained loudly about the thick, stringy formula of these.

My opinion of the formula hasn't changed, but I am slightly more forgiving of the bad consistency of the polishes because the colors in this collection are so awesome.

The bottle of Avon is an old one, but still sometimes possible to find on ebay, though I would guess the product in the new bottle is the same- or at least I am hoping so -so any would do.

I first got this one as a surprise from my friend Monica of Wixology, after nagging a lot about how my nails were killed by Nubar Nu Nail.

These polishes have "three free syndrome": thick yet runny, watery yet stringy, globby and weird and hard to control. Looking back, it seems like this color got the ball rolling on the sky-blue creme trend we've been seeing lately.


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