Stop updating dns record

Since 1998 ICANN, a non-profit organisation, has assumed this responsibility from the US government.

The cc TLDs are delegated to the individual countries for administration purposes.

Figure 1.0 above shows how any authority may in turn delegate to lower levels in the hierarchy, in other words it may delegate anything for which it is authoritative.

Finally, since 2011 the TLD policy is essentially unrestricted, if you pay enough money and adopt the operating procedures laid down anyone can register a sponsored TLD.

Look forward to a whole set of new TLDs like .singles, .kitchen and .construction arriving. Figure 1-1 Domain Structure and Delegation What is commonly called a Domain Name is actually a combination of a domain-name and a TLD and is written from LEFT to RIGHT with the lowest level in the hierarchy on the left and the highest level on the right.

From our brief history of Name Servers we saw how three needs emerged: The Internet Domain Name System elegantly solves all these problems at the single stroke of a pen (well actually the whole of RFC 1034 to be precise).

The Domain Name System uses a tree (or hierarchical) name structure.With 100 of millions of hosts and billions of web pages it is an impossible task - it's also pretty daunting even with just a handful of hosts and resources.To solve this problem the concept of Name Servers was created in the mid 70's to enable certain attributes (properties) of a named resource to be maintained in a known location - the Name Server.Thus, today you can register or (as long as they are available).The old delegation models are still valid and you still domains such as ca as well as numerous other examples of the multi-layer delegation model.Countries with more centralized governments, like the UK, Brazil and Spain and others, have opted for functional segmentation in their delegation models, for example, = company, = academic etc..


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