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Fans of the visiting team should congregate on the area of berm closest to the tarp down the left field line. Clubhouses for both teams are in right field and players walk down that line to get to them.

So what the Rays now inhibit is quite different from what the Rangers left a decade ago.

The old stadium, which sat 5,424, was enhanced to hold 6,823, the extra capacity made possible by the addition of berms down each baseline.

Petersburg, where the Tampa Bay Rays had trained since their inception in 1998.

To lure the Rays 80 miles southward the now 25-year old stadium underwent a complete renovation, to the tune of $27.2 million, that was finished in 2009.

But if you're picky, seats in the two rows that make up sections 103 and 113 are behind the television camera platforms at the end of the dugout, which doesn't make for an appealing foreground.

All but the first row of seats in the upper half of the first base grandstand (sections 201-206) are in the shade, courtesy of the roof over them and the position of the sun, which is behind that side of the grandstand.

The third base grandstand has a similar roof, but only rows 10 & up in sections 212-218 are shaded when an afternoon game begins due to the location of the sun, which descends enough by mid-game so that more seats in sections 214-218 (approximately rows 5 & up) and all seats in sections 208-213 become shaded. Once entering the ballpark, re-entry is only allowed through the Guest Services office, which is in the building between the home plate and first base gates.

Ballpark gates open roughly 2 hours before game time - that's a.m. An attendant in Guest Services will mark the ticket of anyone who wishes to leave and then return, which can only be done through the door in Guest Services, as re-entry is not allowed via the ballpark's three gates.

The other gates are located behind first base and third base. It becomes open to the playing field at the grandstand's end and continues around the outfield, where the concrete walkway turns into a wooden boardwalk.


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