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The match was part of the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship, which was organised by Axseed Events, an event management firm, and Muse Fitness Singapore, which runs a Muay Thai training facility.

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Subramanian was a late replacement for Lim's original opponent, Sylvester Sim, who pulled out because of insurance issues.

About an hour after the match, he died of cardiac arrest respiratory failure, according to a preliminary medical report.

After the match, which was won by 41-year-old Lim, Subramanian looked shaken and had to be helped out of the ring.

He was rushed to the hospital where he died, the Straits Times newspaper reported on Sunday.'Rest in peace, my really truly respected fearless warrior and fighter and awesome boxing instructor, Pradip Subramanian!!! His father, 67, said his family was initially unware that Subramanian was taking part in the fight, but once they learned he was geared up, they didn't want to discourage him.

A Singaporean bodybuilder has died after a celebrity Muay Thai fight against former Singapore Idol contestant Steven Lim in the city-state.

The match on Saturday at the inaugural Asian Fighting Championship was the 32-year-old Pradip Subramanian's first Thai kick-boxing fight.

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