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They did not have the car we had rented (an 8 passenger van) and tried to claim a 7-passenger van wa the same thing.

Then they tried to give us a horrrible, smelly decrepit 12 passenger van without seat belts.

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The other problem was that many customer were in the same situation as I was which created a long wait.

I took me one hour to get the car and more than 30 min to return it!

The fact that really offended me on a moral level was this: They offered me a GPS device for free because of the "inconvenience" I went through. When reviewing my receipt, I noticed a GPS device charge for about $15/day.

I complained about the charge and I was given a bogus excuse on the grounds that the GPS charge was already included in the insurance package I was forced to take!!!

We were picked up at the airport and driven to the office even though we had paid extra to pick up the car at the airport.

In the office they asked for my driver's license and credit card.We couldn't even see the scratches they were talking about as there were tons of scratches already all over the car. We just left and I'm half expecting them to try and take more money from our crest card. The Alamo agent help put us in touch with a competitor who did have a similar car available.The Alamo agent also helped make sure that we paid on leave the original estimate when we had to change rental car companies.The minivan that we reserved was not available when we arrived. Tried to return the car and they couldn’t figure out the paperwork and thought I had damaged the vehicle, didn’t pay for the gas.We ended up with a smaller car for the same price from Hertz. I called an Uber to get to the airport because it was taking too long to get the shuttle. They forced me two take two types of insurance packages.


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