Tips for dating a genius

I guess the biggest challenge for me is knowing that he’ll always be multiple steps ahead of me.

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You need to be over your ex completely before you can open your heart to someone new.

I’ve been there, it took me nearly nine months before I was ready to go on a date.

As interesting as these conversations can get, all I can do is mostly listen because sometimes I just don’t have the information or understanding of my own to have any input or counterpoints to add in. There certainly are times that I wish I knew more about certain topics and I feel bad that a lot of complex topics don’t actually interest me.

I wish I could add more information to our conversations and sometimes if I feel like I know something I wait to say it just in case I’m wrong.

I’m extremely competitive with sports and I tend to highly overachieve when it comes to school.

Of course the outcome after working hard and being successful is great, but the challenge is what’s the most fun.

I can always tell by the look on his face- furrowed brows and wide eyes are the clear sign that he’s reading an article or watching a video that has new and improved information on what he knew before.

As much as he knows already, he always wants to know more. Our conversations together can go from something as simple as our favorite foods and movies and basketball to as complex as what each other’s opinions are on religion/God and multiple universes and gun laws.

I’m finally starting to understand how the government works, how the stock market functions and how there are infinite infinities; all the things that I would never learn on my own but always wondered about are most of the things Jon has taught or explained to me.


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