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Subtract the roll’s difficulty from the number of successes rolled: The result is called the ).The higher the threshold of a roll is, the better a character does.

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There are too many of these to fit them all in this chapter, but they are, for the most part, divided well enough to make the decision easy.

Use Marksmanship if your character is taking a ranged pot shot and Politics if the Mafia boss needs to understand where he stands with the other crime families.

Maybe you don’t just scoop a guy’s keys, you get his wallet and his lucky lighter too.

Maybe you don’t just repair a pistol, you straighten out its aim and give it a temporary 1 Accuracy bonus.

Some tasks are more difficult than others, however.

To represent this fact, the Storyteller assigns a difficulty to every action a character attempts.This is a good place to mention that difficulty should, for the most part, be transparent to the players.Scion assumes that a character who’s about to climb a brick wall or tame a horse has a decent idea about how hard it is. Stating the difficulty of rolls to discover information, for instance, can accidentally reveal too much about the nature of the information.Once you get the hang of that, move on to “Bonuses and Penalties” to learn what other factors affect the number of dice you roll, and “Success and Failure” to see what happens when things do or don’t go according to plan. For most actions, this means one success; more when the difficulty is higher.When this happens, your character manages to do whatever he was trying to do: break down a door, pick the cultist’s pocket or anything else. A petty thief is nothing next to a Scion of Loki when it comes to picking pockets.Some Attribute/Ability pairs are more natural and come up more often than others.

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