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The diversity of accommodation at Rockwater allows you to perfectly suit your getaway mood.

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Apasionado is a versatile musical duo that continue to be a consistent crowd pleaser, night after night, week after week... Randy Rayment and Lori Carmichael are both high level multi-instrumentalists and both very capable singers.

These two entertainers team up to use 15 different instruments, performing material that spans over eight decades of the world's most popular songs.

considering the frequency my guess is bad cable connection ...

they also can turn the gain/volume down on their microphone so the water lapping is more prominent ...

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Rockwater is committed to helping you eliminate the stress so you can be there to fully enjoy every moment and celebrate your commitment to your future spouse along with all your loved ones.Vancouver Province Awarded the 2nd best Seaside Hideaway by Sunset Magazine!This location has a bad cable connection or interference from a nearby electrical appliance or fluorescent fixture ...By choosing the natural beauty of Rockwater, you've chosen an environment that embraces your guests in a serene setting. Spend some time at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort to clear your mind, rekindle romance, and fill your soul.And because our Event Planning staff meticulously attends to every detail on your behalf, you can relax in confidence. It's hard to believe that a place so close can take you so far away from it all.Apasionado delivers the sound of a seasoned five piece band with warm, rich harmonies.

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