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Another problem of local men that diminishes their success among the local ladies is alcohol problem.

If the ratio would be equal, then not so many ladies would look to marry aboard and would prefer staying in the atmosphere familiar to them close to the families they love and respect.

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Sumy is not a place that foreigners visit often and consequently Sumy represents an exotic location for them.

Local citizens are very open, friendly and the area is considered one of the most hospitable on the territory of Ukraine.

The majority of these girls is single and is looking for the female happiness overseas.

As the result of this tendency many international agencies have been created in Sumy.

Concerning their personal qualities, the most characteristic features of modern women from Sumy are: domesticity, intelligence, tenderness, kindness, faithfulness, industry, and decency.

Natural beauty is a bonus for men who took a bride from Sumy for a wife.

There is another tendency: winners of beauty contests more and more often are girls from not rich, and sometimes even problem families.

It happens so that beautiful girls are born in poor families.

All this can be fully spoken about Sumy, a city where a branch of our dating agency works for several years.

An acquaintance with foreign men is an only chance for women from Sumy to change their destiny and start their life anew – in love, care, and understanding.

Sumy is the city that is very popular among Western men, who travel there to meet their future spouse.

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