Linksys wireless validating identity

Fon may publish information about the location of any Fon Spot the Fon Member registers within the Fon Network while this Agreement is in force.

This is essential for other users to access the Service.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the present TOU together with the registration form, Fon’s Privacy Policy and, where applicable, Fon Software License Agreement and the Fon Application Software License Agreement, herein after “Agreement” shall constitute the contractual relationship between Fon and the Fon Member and between Fon and the Fon Visitor, where applicable.

You acknowledge that you have not relied on any other representations not specifically included in this Agreement.

Fon Members shall have free access to any Fon Spot.

Fon Visitors need to purchase a Fon Pass or may be granted with limited or unlimited access in virtue of a Fon promotion or specific agreement between Fon and a Third Party.

Any information or data collected or stored by Fon is subject to Fon’s Privacy Policy.

Description of Fon Services The services provided by Fon consist of: The Fon Members and the Fon Visitors can connect to the Fon Network through any Fon Spot when these are available.You must keep your password secret and not divulge it or share it with others.You have the obligation to immediately inform Fon as to any knowledge that you have regarding the improper use of the identifiers and/or passwords, including theft, loss, or unauthorised access, so as to immediately cancel the password/identifier.You represent that you are of legal age and have the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement.If you are contracting on behalf of a company, you represent that you are authorised to enter into this Agreement and agree to be personally liable for all accounts if you are not so authorised. In order to become a Fon Member or Fon Visitor you need to register with Fon and click the appropriate box to confirm you have read, understood, and accept the present TOU, the Privacy Policy and the other terms where applicable.The Fon Visitor will be able to connect to the Fon Spots after registration to the Fon Network and payment of the Fon Pass as established in the Fon Visitor clause.


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