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Despite these circumstances, a special grand jury later charged Swanson with manslaughter.

The new akita was the first and last pet Kristen ever had.

[source citations] Ronnie Waldo, 51-years old, was killed by three pit bulls owned by his landlord and neighbor, James Swanson.

Earlier in the day, Kristen had taken the dog for a walk by herself.

Later, while playing with the dog near its kennel, the dog suddenly attacked, inflicting fatal injuries to her neck.

On January 26, Gordon turned himself into police after being charged with involuntary manslaughter.

[source citations] Kristen Dutton, 9-years old, was fatally attacked by a 98-pound Japanese akita.Police said they warned Gordon at Christmas -- just a few weeks earlier -- to keep his dogs contained.At the time, Gordon admitted that his dogs, Rebel and Daisy, often managed to "hop the fence." Residents of Waxhaw were devastated by the incident.During the attack, the dog was fastened to a runner.Kristen was transported to Medical College of Georgia Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.Her husband, Enrique Leal, discovered her shortly after 7 am in the couple's backyard.

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