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After that, Stephanie also admitted that her father had raped her when she was 12 years old, which only contributed to the show`s cancellation although the scandal had increased interest in the family overall.

After a trial date for Will was settled, his family decided to separate the Red Jacket Firearms from Will, and continue to operate without him.

In a mere matter of moments, she completely destroyed her life, forcing her home into foreclosure by falling for a scam that, if we’re being honest, really hadn’t started at all.

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The company still operates under its name, however, the show “Sons of Guns” has been cancelled.

Regarding her personal life, Stephanie has been married to Kris Ford since 2011; the couple has two children together.

Little by little her net worth increased, as the family business was growing, and as a result, the whole family became the subjects of Discovery Channel`s new reality show “Sons of Guns”.

The show aired from 2011 until 2014, which certainly brought attention to the store, and therefore new customers, and had a significant effect on increasing Stephanie`s net worth to a large degree.

Their show became extremely popular, averaging over one million viewers per episode from its inception.

However, the show was canceled after its fifth season, as Will Hayden was facing child molestation and rape charges, after a mother of a 12 year old girl accused him of rape.At the Lake Tahoe tournament, Clifford (and fellow actress Jessica Drake) greeted players, sponsors, and tournament officials at a booth stocked with Wicked swag.While some celebrities might have thought twice about taking a photo with the star of “Porking with Pride #2” and “Spreading My Seed,” comedians Kevin Nealon and Anthony Anderson had no such reservations.In a gifting suite stocked with freebies for the celebrity golfers, Trump met Stephanie Clifford, a porn actress known professionally as “Stormy Daniels.” Clifford, 27 at the time, had appeared in scores of X-rated films and, owing to her status as a “contract girl” with Wicked Pictures, was a household name in the adult film industry.As part of her deal with Wicked, Clifford would occasionally make promotional appearances on behalf of the film studio, which had launched the career of Jenna Jameson.Nor did Trump, who posed next to Clifford in front of a backdrop with a repeating Wicked logo.

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