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The region was originally inhabited by various tribes of American Indians, including the early Mound Builders.Around 1780, Captain Samuel Brady achieved notoriety for his activities in the area, including his famous leap of 21 feet (6 m) over the Cuyahoga River to avoid capture by an unknown band of American Indians.There were three notable stops in Franklin Mills, one of which still stands as of 2010.

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They were joined by John's brother George and their father Jacob Haymaker and their families early the next year, and built a gristmill in 1807.

Initial growth in the area was slow, but eventually two small villages would develop due to the potential for power generated by the Cuyahoga River that could be used in gristmills and manufacturing.

Kent has nearly 20 parks and preserves and hosts a number of annual festivals including ones related to Earth Day, folk music, and the U. Kent is part of the Cleveland-Akron media market and is the city of license for three local radio stations and three television stations and includes the regional affiliates for National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Local transportation infrastructure includes a public bus service and hike-and-bike trails.

Part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, Kent was settled in 1805 and was known for many years as Franklin Mills.

Settlers were attracted to the area due to its location along the Cuyahoga River as a place for water-powered mills.

The population was 28,904 in the 2010 Census and was estimated at 30,071 in 2016.

The city is counted as part of the Akron Metropolitan Statistical Area and the larger Cleveland–Akron–Canton Combined Statistical Area.

Marvin Kent had started his own railroad company, the Franklin and Warren Railroad, in 1851 after Franklin Mills, already home to several Kent family ventures and properties, was bypassed by the Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad that same year.

Kent was also successful in getting the village named as the location of the railroad's maintenance yards and shops in 1864.

With the decline of the canal and the emergence of the railroad, the town became the home of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad maintenance shops through the influence of Marvin Kent.


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