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For example, in 2014 the Commonwealth Fund published a report comparing 11 Western health care systems.According to the report, the British NHS was best on all measures except one, in which it was the worst apart from the US system.the establishment of which it almost universally regards as having been a great achievement, perhaps Britain’s only great achievement of the 20th century.

The difference between the health of the top economic decile of the population and that of the bottom decile, which had been more or less steady for decades, began to widen immediately.

The difference in the standard mortality rate of the richest and poorest is now almost double what it was when the NHS that foreigners somehow envy them their health service, which might just be true in Nigeria but is certainly not true of any European anyone has ever met.

The measure on which it was next to worst was the number of deaths preventable by healthcare. This rather reminded me of the 19th-century surgeon’s refrain, ‘The operation was a success but the patient died.’ No doubt it is naïve of me, but the prevention of preventable deaths seems to me the whole, or at least the most important, purpose of a health care system. Also posted in egalitarianism, healthcare historiography, historiography (healthcare), mortality rates, mythology (NHS), National Health Service, national religion, NHS mythology, sacred cows, surgeonsto give every citizen an electronic health record that was in principle available to every doctor and every hospital in the country cost upwards of $20bn, and ended in total failure, unless the creation of information technology millionaires along the way were to be counted a success.

Also posted in British Medical Journal, cant, Dalrympian dialect, dialect English, dialect English (archaic), English, English (modern), English language, Gibbon, Edward, language (verbose), National Health Service, NHS apparatchiks, NHS managerial language, NHS managers, NHS-speak, official memoranda, official prose, officialese, verbose languageis part of the persistent attempt by the government further to debase and demoralise the medical profession.

A certain historiography of healthcare became an unassailable orthodoxy: that before the service was established, proper healthcare was not available for the majority of the population which, if it was treated at all, was the great egalitarian aftermath of the Second World War, when a brave new equal world would arise from the ashes of the old.

If healthcare were provided to everyone irrespective of his ability to pay, on a foundation of a highly progressive tax system, how could the system fail to be egalitarian?Dalrymple points out that continental Europeans residing in Britain the indestructible affection in which the British hold their National Health Service.No argument, no criticism, no evidence can diminish, let alone destroy, it.The only perceived problem with it is that it is underfunded: the same problem as with all other government services.The five-year survival rate for colorectal cancer is 51.6% in Britain but 59.8% in Sweden, while the 30-day fatality rates for myocardial infarction in these countries are 6.3% and 2.9% respectively.Let him touch people for the King’s Evil, if he and they so wish — the revival of the ceremony might add to the gaiety of the nation.


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