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The vanilla keeps it grounded, keeps it from flying in your face. This comes on a lot more intense at first and it's incredibly long lasting.It's one of the last complex fragrances produced in the 21st century; by that I mean it has a long, carefully crafted list of notes working in harmony, as well as a certain 90s sophistication about it. I have the EDP..sure of ther year...I have a feeling it is a newer version..bottle is the same as shown above. I do still love it, I just think they tweaked the formula a bit when they brought it back.

Is not a girly fruity juice, it is not a bunch of flowers all over you.

It is a little bit more mature, a perfume for a confident woman.

I am now really curious how the other Chanel fragrances are going to be. She smells the same but her soul has been sold....there are these missing links which were previously orchestra..harmony with each other, you could not single out one single note because it blended so flawlessly.

For this one, I would say, if money did not play a role I would definitely get it! There is a thinness about her now which replaced the is now merely a fleeting candle light which gets blown out by the lightest breeze...

Allure Sensuelle nears the midpoint of Coco and Allure. I'm really sad, I've lost my "armor", which makes me feel vulnerable and defenseless..when you're not fully dressed, that feeling when you're halfway through the door but feel you've left "something"behind but you can't pinpoint "what' axactly. But my addiction for this fragrance keeps me coming back to her.if she only makes me feel half the invincible and conquering inner seducer she used to..there's nothing else that smells like her, maybe that's why, maybe because only few men wear her...whatever, I don't care...she's one of a kind, she's mine, she's "me", I become "her", her gaze, her strength and her "rawness"wrapped in sheer refinement and class! This is a little different than I remember it smelling in 2005.

The spices are reminiscent of Coco's characteristic clove, which is not like real clove but a thing unto itself. Add some earthy florals and a mysterious vanilla, and you have Allure Sensuelle. If it is true that all Chanel fragrances were reformulated last 2015, then I am lucky to have a 100ml 2013 (or even 2005, as the codes repeat every 8 years and the box it has looks really old) bottle. It's somewhat like Coco, which I bought for my mom last year, only this is stronger.They compete well, but Chanel will never make the best of any scent category. Its delicate, sexy, sensual and almost a non existent but present smell. Its warm spicy, scent of vanilla, patchouli, a little amber for me and all things delicious. I am almost screamed my house down when the scent dissappeared from my arm within minutes, but then sprayed it on my jacket and 24hrs later it is still there. I'm surprised to see no reviews that talk about Allure Sensuelle's ozonic qualities. Where #5 is a power fragrance, Allure Sensuelle on the other hand is mysteriously sexy while at the same time it is a fragrance for cuddling your children while putting them to bed. This is one of the most powerful and intense scents to me.Allure Sensuelle is woodsy, resinous and classifies as 'sensual'. This was a definite good reminder that not all perfumes are great on skin, some are better on clothes and vice versa. This is worth a pruchase on the days you feels ng like treating yourself. The top notes give of an electric smell to me, like rain and lightning storms. The notes most apparent to me are patchouli, vetiver, pink pepper with some hints of fruit and jasmine.It has not become heavier, but unlike the dazzling brightness and joyful sunny character of the classic Allure, Allure Sensuelle is warmer, its powdery (iris) and oriental notes are accentuated.Its sweet notes (candied fruits) are not obtruding, but hidden in sensual spices and frankincense.It got better after a dry down - I can get vanilla, minty bits from patchouli as well as powdery notes and hints of pink pepper. Buy any of these instead: Tresor Samsara Magnifique Dior Dolce Vita Dior Addict Eau Delice YSL Elle Sensuous Estee Lauder Amarige Givenchy Organza Givenchy Mon Exclusif Tuscany Per Donna If you can get past some intense openings, these warm up and develop into masterpieces far exceeding that of Chanel fly sprays. Nothing to cry home about but not a terrible scent either. I wore it to the office once and people were opening the windows, asking where that bad smell was coming from... Sephora in my country doesn't accept returns and I paid a lot of money on it so my heart won't let me trow it away, therefore it is now just collecting dust on a shelf. But one thing I cant understand is why people say that it is strong and has a huge sillage?! I have used this perfume as a summer scent and on my skin at least, it is so round and creamy that it almost just feels like a creamy and luxurious body lotion scent. It melts into my skin and is never ever sharp, not even when I first apply it.

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