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That kind of celebrity profile didn’t happen over night.

Sudeikis worked on the fringes of the comedy industry for nearly a decade, first performing at clubs in Kansas City, and later with a Second City touring company.

Hearsay aside, Sudeikis says he is “concentrating on more immediate matters” during a recent interview. The buddies agree they are bored with the drudgery of married life.

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The catch is, the wives also get to exercise their right to party for a week.

And they seem better prepared to seek alternatives than the husbands, who don’t realize how out of it they are.

Although he had slimmed down his chubby physique, Jason's face was much plumper than his current profile at the event in July– giving rise to fears that he has turned to unhealthy dieting to drop the weight quickly.

The comedian, who flashed his naked body in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, insisted back in July that he was eager to shed the fat.

But it seems that the actor may have taken his weight loss plan a bit too far.

The 33-year-old was spotted in Boston, Massachusetts looking scarily thin after losing a great deal of weight in the past few months.

Manford quit his prestigious job presenting The One Show in 2010 after he was caught sending explicit Twitter messages to a fan.

Following this, he admitted to The Sun that he'd been "a d***head", claiming his wife Catherine had forgiven him, though he was caught sending explicit messages to another fan on Facebook in 2013.

Throw in some Peter and Bobby Farrelly-patented gags, gross-outs and pratfalls, and you have a rowdy laugh-fest, not suited for the whole family, as Wilson’s Rick and Sudeikis’s Fred get in way over their heads with the opposite sex.

Next up on the Sudeikis movie agenda is another ensemble project, although a less vulgar one than the Farrelly brothers production.

Jason got his big breakthrough Johnny Vegas' excellent, psychedelic sitcom Ideal, in which he played Jack, and he also hosted a breakfast show on Xfm Manchester.


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