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(Before this period, marriage was still an economic decision, but focused more on companionship and sharing resources between families.) It’s no coincidence that during the late 20th century, income inequality among married couples also increased.

Assortative mating isn’t unethical, but when it happens at an increasing rate, that does mean that the possibility of social mobility through marriage gets smaller.

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Due to Johnston’s success, the co-operative potato breeding program at the University of Guelph is ranked one of the top four in the world.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Curtis Oakes, who passed away on August 10 2017 in Alma, Ontario, leaving to mourn family and friends.

A cross between the Peruvian ‘golden egg’ variety and Canadian stock potato produced the world famous Yukon Gold.

Yukon Gold satisfied the needs of Canadian growers for a table potato with disease resistance, and in 2011, it was grown in every province except Nova Scotia.

In 2008, the United Nations International Year of the Potato featured the Yukon Gold in its celebration of potato diversity.

Johnston argued that a successful breeding program was not enough for the Canadian table potato industry: marketing under a catchy name was necessary before consumers would recognize a new variety.That’s pretty boring, but, as Tinder hopes, might end up resulting in more matches.First name: Garnet Richard Last Name: Johnston Hometown: Alma, Ontario Birth Year: 1916 OAC Grad Year(s): BSA 1949, MSA 1951 Date of Death: October 7, 2000 Affiliation: Alumni, Faculty OAC Pillar: Agriculture, Food Before he enrolled at OAC, Gary Johnston taught public school from 1936 to 1941.In fact, Tinder’s relative randomness—it throws geographical proximity into the mix of its matching algorithm—broke those traditional confines that still guide the marriage market today.Researchers call the tendency people have of marrying those with similar jobs and degrees “assortative mating.” A paper last year from the National Bureau of Economic Research looked at Census data from 1960 to 2005 and found that the degree of assortative mating based on education has increased—as more women graduate from college, more and more college graduates are marrying each other.On Wednesday, the dating app Tinder announced that it will be implementing the feature that’s most often requested by its users: adding information on job and education to profiles.


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  6. While we don’t have a problem with the Tinder Plus subscription, there are other problems like the app’s appearance-based approach for matches, which isn’t liked by everyone.

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