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Some of the world's finest coffee beans are grown here, and coffee aficionados love to do the farm-to-café tours.

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After undergoing a $100 million renovation, the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club will be the America's Cup host hotel.

The hotel and berths at its new marina will be hot commodities next summer, as will reservations at the hotel's new Marcus Samuelsson restaurant, Marcus' Bermuda.

Despite Maine's harsh winters, the park is open year-round.

"You can come in the winter and enjoy miles of trails for cross country skiing or snowmobiling or visit in spring with the emerging green in every direction, rising brook trout, and swollen rivers," said Lucas St. Those looking for a piece of Thailand that's still largely unexplored by the international market should head for the northeast region, referred to as Isaan.

The capital city of Bogota features baristas at La Devocion and Bourbon Coffee Roasters to rival those in Paris or Rome. Sophisticated public architecture shines in Medellín, where a renaissance in design and infrastructure has produced buildings such as Giancarlo Mazzanti's Parque Biblioteca España, the most famous of a half-dozen libraries in the city.

A gondola-like public transit system transport residents and visitors alike to the city's public rail system.

There are also ancient Khmer ruins outside Buriram, mountainous national parks in Loei and Bronze Age artifacts in the UNESCO-listed Ban Chiang Archeological Site. Whether you're still mourning the passing of your favorite entertainer, your fellow man's decisions at the voting booth or ongoing violence around the world, we could all use a dose of happiness right now.

Not only does this mountainous Buddhist nation focus on happiness as a national indicator but by some accounts is the world's eco-friendliest nation.

With Bhutan, a tour is essential the kingdom officially targets "high value, low impact" tourism. Chengdu has long been one of China's most popular cities thanks to these two hot draws.


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  3. Four video games have been released for the Nintendo DS, Play Station Portable and Play Station Vita.

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