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Meeting a few days after Easter, it seemed appropriate for Transverso to sit down with the reborn frontman in a repurposed church pew outside the basement greenroom. [There were] difficulties, you know, [I was] sick all week and what not, so it’s tough; you work through kinks.TRANSVERSO: That was your first time performing the new material. This album, I think in a lot of ways, is pretty easily our most powerful album to me, so you know where it can go and you know the content that’s waiting to be translated, so when you fall short of that translation it’s apparent in a different kind of way than most of our songs. Well we didn’t fail on the recordings for the most part.I noticed on Twitter you said if you had to be just one thing you'd be unrealistic.

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So I think it’s time to sort of really explain it and one way to explain it is to just cross is out, you know? The entire first album for the most part was a wish.

You mentioned onstage that you feel uncomfortable lying in a song; you feel uncomfortable with lyrics that aren’t true. I didn’t have a band, but I knew that I wanted a crew - as I said when I was six - so I wrote these songs that needed 10 people to perform them, so they needed an ensemble, and yet I didn’t have that ensemble.

A realist or a pragmatist is really a euphemism for a pessimist, in my view, and pessimism is simply a defense against the pain of failure.

The more you believe and the more you desire, and the more that you long for and wish for, and the more that you hope for, the greater the degree of pain you are potentially going to experience when you end up meeting a reality that doesn’t match that hope.

In the new music video for “No Love Like Yours” you follow your own funeral procession and voluntarily enter your own coffin, and the new album has Edward Sharpe's name crossed out. We are beneath and above our names, but we aren’t encapsulated within our names.

So as time went on and the Edward Sharpe thing started to meld into peoples minds as a character that I was putting on and a mask that I was wearing onstage the entire sort of premise of being myself onstage and allowing my pure self to come through onstage was lost on these people.It was not immediately clear, however, if their eponymous, messianic leader himself would appear, as his name was crossed off the bill.It seemed in his place stood an exposed Alex Ebert, with the somewhat intoxicated crooner intermittently grabbing at his throat ("You pull out the bone resting on top of your larynx, ‘cause when you strain your voice this thing tightens up and closes off your esophagus," he tells me).Yeah, I think our true nature is all about longing for…[Sigh] It’s constantly calling for our imaginations and our visions, not necessarily our sort of logistical minds.These beginnings were paralleled by stories of his new daughter surrounding his “Lullaby” to her.


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