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‘It feels good to really get to know someone, and for them to get to know me.’But what’s proving harder for Rebecca is how to carve out a rewarding career with a clutch of C grades at GCSE and no A levels.

Despite the impact that living with nuns had on her, taking holy orders is not among her ambitions.

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Hours in between getting up and going to bed are devoted to yet more praying, cooking and cleaning the convent.

And with such a dramatic change in lifestyle there was bound to be resistance and conflict, like the day the women sneaked off and bought a bottle of vodka — despite being told that alcohol is banned — while out shopping with the nuns.

What ensues, however, is a near Damascene discovery for the girls that, as their parents have no doubt long tried to tell them, there really is more to life than boys, booze and near-naked selfies.

Their precious phones are confiscated at the outset of their two-week stay, depriving them of their constant fix of social media.

Kheir also said the technique could possibly be altered to keep subjects alive for 30 minutes. The website notes that fresh particles would need to be continually infused, and the body has limits to how much extra fluid can be pumped.

A more serene environment than the Daughters of Divine Charity Convent, tucked away in rural Norfolk, would be difficult to imagine.

So cut off are the resident nuns from the ills of our modern world that the last time some of them lived among us, flared trousers and tank tops were in fashion and The Beatles topped the pop charts.

How, then, would these modestly-dressed brides of God handle the arrival of their new house guests, a gaggle of brash young women, boasting tattoos and piercings and more usually found stumbling drunkenly around nightclubs while scantily dressed?

I mean, come on, we are not animals, where is the love in all this?

’The rest of the clan include Tyla Edwards, 22, a podium dancer from Leeds, Sarah Lawrence, 19, a club hostess from Surrey, Gabriella Ryan, 21, a lingerie model from London and Paige Wallace, 23, a secretary from Bristol, who all signed up for a ‘spiritual journey’, no doubt hoping it would involve yoga on a beach in Bali, not Hail Marys in a basement chapel.

After the convent she didn’t go to a nightclub for three months and ditched her habit of drinking up to ten vodka and lemonades and a bottle of wine every night.‘I actually went to my GP because I had tummy pain and he said that drinking like I did would definitely lead to health problems because my tolerance was so high.‘Now I have a big night out no more than once a month.


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