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The process repeats until he strikes the side of a gate, then he and the turnpike keeper switch places.

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Among the games played with the hoops—besides simply trundling them, which is a matter of driving them forward while keeping them upright—are hoop races, as well as games of dexterity.

Among these are "toll," in which the player has to drive his hoop between two stones placed two to three inches apart without touching either one.

A version of hoop rolling played as a target game is encountered as an ancient tradition among aboriginal peoples in many parts of the world.

The game, known as hoop-and-pole, is ubiquitous throughout most of Africa. In America, where it has been played by a great number of unrelated tribes and is known in English as hoop-and-stick or hoop-and-dart, the game has exhibited many variations of materials and size of implements and rules of play.

Roman hoops were fitted with metal rings that slid freely along the rim.

According to Martial, this was done so that the tinkling of the rings would warn passers by of the hoop's approach: "Why do these jingling rings move about upon the rolling wheel?

The hoop was sized according to the player, as it had to come up to the level of the chest.

Greek vases generally show the elater as a short, straight stick.

The sport was regarded as healthful, and was recommended by Hippocrates for strengthening weak constitutions.

and hoop driving is an attribute of Ganymede, often depicted on Greek vase paintings from the 5th century BCE.

In order that the passers-by may get out of the way of the hoop."(14.

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