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The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) is Lehigh’s home for teaching and research in the areas of ecology, environmental science, and geological sciences.Matters of environmental quality and natural resources will increasingly impact people and society in the years to come, and the EES department offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs that provide students with an understanding of Earth’s biosphere, atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere, with an emphasis on how these components function as an integrated Earth system. The EES graduate program is marked by close faculty-student collaboration.The focus on the course will be weekly discussions based on assigned readings.

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The ability to express oneself clearly in writing is a critical skill for success in any chosen career. Students are encouraged to take courses that help develop written skills in their major. degree programs may undertake a program that leads to graduation with department honors.

To help ensure this, the College of Arts and Sciences requires each student to complete at least one writing intensive course and receive certification from the instructor of that course. To participate, the student must (1) have a minimum major GPA of 3.4 and an overall cumulative GPA of 3.0 expected at graduation, (2) complete at least four credits of research project. Both degrees would be awarded at the end of the fifth year. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and a secondary advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Attribute/Distribution: NS Volcanoes are a tangible, often breathtaking, reminder of the inner workings of our restless planet.

In this course, we consider the processes leading to volcanic eruptions, the significance of volcanism for long-term Earth evolution, and the hazards volcanoes create for humans, particularly those living in the circum-Pacific (the Ring of Fire).

Stresses interactions and interrelationships, using a series of case studies.

Intended for any student with an interest in the environment. Attribute/Distribution: NS Analysis of current environmental issues from a scientific perspective.Training in Earth and Environmental Sciences can lead to technical and scientific careers in research, environmental consulting, conservation ecology, government agencies, and the petroleum industry, and can also serve as an excellent liberal arts degree that provides context and preparation for careers such as law, policy, journalism and economics. program provides students an opportunity to acquire breadth, design a specialized program, or find room for a double major. Graduate students can take advantage of strong externally funded faculty research programs and the extensive analytical and computing facilities available in the department; these facilities and specific EES research programs are described in some detail on the EES departmental web page at Faculty in the EES department have a wide range of interests and strong reputations in the fields of geology, ecology, and environmental sciences. A popular choice is a double major in Earth and Environmental Sciences and in Environmental Studies, a major offered through the Environmental Initiative ( degree, while still offering considerable flexibility, provides the more in-depth technical training required for graduate school and scientific careers, and is well suited for students seeking science graduate degrees or employment as professionals in the earth and environmental sciences. Field experiences are a hallmark of the EES undergraduate program.Attribute/Distribution: NS Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences through a study of the geologic underpinnings of human conflict, the geologic influences over the outcomes of great battles, and the long-term environmental impacts of war.Instructional format includes lectures, discussions, student projects, and a field trip to Gettysburg National Military Park.In recent years, students have played a role in research in the Himalaya, Alaska, California, Idaho, Argentina, and Italy, in addition to more nearby sites in the mid-Atlantic states.


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