Travel consolidating software

Gender differences in booking business travel | April 2016 As travel becomes more personalized, there is an increasing need to understand how travel preferences and behaviors vary from one traveler type to another.

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In this paper we investigate gender differences in booking business travel.

Protecting your travelers and your organization | January 2016 When it comes to safety and security, some travel buyers believe that if they have systems in place to track travelers, their work is done.

Find out in our guide to corporate travel metrics and key components.

CWT/IAG distribution agreement Q&A | 4 December 2017 Carlson Wagonlit Travel announced a multi-year agreement with British Airways and Iberia Airlines to avoid the airlines’ proposed surcharges on bookings within participating global distribution systems.

This extends beyond traditional travel (ie, booking air, car and hotel reservations) and includes the entire trip — from planning and booking to on-the-go support to managing expenses back at the office.

The evolution of the traveler journey | February 28, 2015 Today's travelers want a seamless, connected travel experience.With virtual payments, companies can pay for their travel centrally and achieve greater flexibility.How effective is your ground transportation policy? Mining for Savings in Travel & Logistics | November 2016 Explore the benefits of consolidating logistics and commercial travel with the launch of the CWT Energy, Resources & Marine and IBS Software Services white paper: Mining for Savings in Travel & Logistics.They are emerging market performance, financial market turbulence, geopolitical risks, uncertainty surrounding Brexit, potentially fluctuating U. Mobile and internet devices allow uninterrupted connection to the outside world and employees may switch from work to personal activities and vice versa multiple times during the day.Driving Success in Strategic Meetings Management | June 2016 This global study about the drivers of success in strategic meetings management (SMM) was conducted by CWT Travel Management Institute (TMI) in partnership with the BTN Group.See also our supplements: 2016 Energy, Resources & Marine Forecast 2016 Meetings & Events Forecast The Impact of Oil Prices and Fuel Surcharges on Corporate Travel | September 15, 2015 Similar to the correlation between fuel and other means of transportation, we all know that oil prices have a significant influence on the price of airline tickets.


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