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When you register for a free My Quest account and sign-up to get your lab results, Quest automatically sends you all of your lab results from within the past 60 days, and results from any new tests that your doctor orders in the future.

Now with My Quest Advanced Access, you can have even more control over your health information with expanded access to and trending of your historical results, dating back to January 1, 2010.

I watched it every time it was on, and wish i had taped the three episodes that had aired.

The cliffhangers at the end of each episode were enough to keep me coming back each week.

At Quest Diagnostics, we realize that the value of a test result is more than just a number.

We empower you with information you can use to improve your health. If you already have a My Quest account, simply log-in to your account and click on the Purchase Advanced Access tab.

I was curious about the blessing we give people to live till 120 years. Is that just a nice, very high number, or is that considered the upper limit?

I wouldn’t think so since there was a woman who did live till 122 in recent years.Alternatively, life is such a struggle between man’s body and soul, that with so many years to live, a person is bound to succumb over time.As a result, God decided to shorten man’s lifespan, making 120 years the new limit (Chizkuni, Abarbanel, Malbim, Ha’amek Davar, see also Talmud Chullin 139b and Midrash Ha Gadol).The average person, knowing he had so many centuries to go, did not fear death and his ultimate encounter with God.He had many years to live and enjoy himself first, with virtually no sense of his mortality.Today we bless people to live as close to that limit as possible.


  1. More than 4,000 residents were evacuated and 1,000 homes were flooded or destroyed.

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