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Fortunately, Claire and Samantha later made up when they both attended , Claire revealed: "She came straight up to me and said sorry.She said she knew it was a long time ago, but she wanted to say sorry for everything that had gone on.The pair split in 2013 after a year and a half together.

I thought, 'Good on you girl' for apologising, and agreed that it was way in our pasts.

I've got nothing against her now."favourite Myra, Nicole and Liam first met in Manchester in 1997 and tied the knot in 1999 – long before either of them had entered the soap world.

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Donna says, “Jessica Shepherd’s new book, Karmic Dates & Momentary Mates: The Astrology of the Fifth House, is well written, a great read, and full of original insights.

These partnerships may last a month or a decade (time is elastic in the fifth house, and short-term could mean anything less than forever), but they are no less significant for your interpersonal and spiritual development than a partner in marriage.

Nowadays, a marriage partner could be a short-term partner, too. Maybe you can easily entertain the idea that all of your significant relationships are not “new news,” that there are people with whom we have made prior life contracts to meet.

Of course, we may never be able to prove this factually, but the critical mass of people with regression experiences makes a very strong case for past lives.

Karma is certainly a mysterious force that complicates, informs, and weaves itself, snakelike, through this lifetime (and perhaps the next) for as long as we’re alive and making choices.

Some of us have more short-term shared relationship karma than others, and having fifth house planets—with their hunger for heart-opening connections—alerts us to this possibility. The gift is an ability to receive and exchange a teaching, blessing, or learning.

Having planets in the fifth house alerts us to the fact that we may have unfinished business with one or several people who share the nature and behaviors of that planet-sign combination. We can look to the sign on our fifth house cusp, as well as the ruling planet of that sign which also alerts us to the quality of karma we share. The obligation is to learn to recognize when such a relationship has outlived its usefulness, and to let it go with respect to all involved.

It was a very similar story in real life, as James and Sammy began dating off set in 2009.


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