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In need of a soulmate from any part of the World whose inner beauty is most valuable than her outside beauty.

By inner beauty i mean she should be caring sweet n humble person (and not her sexy looking body parts (lol))...

Wearing his lengthy Edwardian jacket draped around his shoulders and purple tunic underneath with his hairy chest exposed, he looked like he had stepped out of a horror movie or was wearing a Halloween costume She dug food out of his mouth when he fell asleep while eating.

The problem with Elvis’ plan for this re-invented life was Ginger herself who had a will of her own and was bewildered by the bizarre world of the guys around Elvis, the heavy drugs, and the seclusion.

Id very much like to find someone to eventually form a long term relationship with, but to begin with someone to date and to have fun getting to know.

Smiling is something I do naturally, my default state is happy .. Looking for someone who is open minded and who can put up an intelligent conversation,rest will have to see.

Court proceedings four years later established that Dr.

Nichopolos had written prescriptions for Elvis for at least 8,805 pills, tablets, vials and injectables in the seven and a half months alone preceding his death from January 1, 1977 to August 16, 1977.

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He threatened to lock the gates of Graceland to keep her in.


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  3. "I think it's a little more of a heady record," Moreno said, referencing the group's last album.

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