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Then we must define a dedicated service to reinject mail back into Postfix.

updating clamav-55

When SELinux is enabled and in enforcing mode, some additional policies are required for amavisd and Clam AV.

The following SELinux policy modules were determined by running the amavisd/Clam AV/Spam Assassin setup described herein on Cent OS 5 (fully updated) with SELinux in permissive mode and running AVC error logs through audit2allow as described in the SELinux How To.

As most spam sender addresses are forged anyway, it makes sense not to send failure notices in response to obvious spam as you're only contributing to the problem of backscatter.

First we will configure the Amavisd-new service to accept mail From Postfix.

The package also includes a virus scanner shared library.

Install Clam AV in Debian If you want to install clamav in debian you need to add the any one of the following source list to your /etc/file deb sarge/volatile main or deb sarge main deb-src sarge main Once you add the above souce list run the following commad # apt-get update #apt-get install clamav this will install following packages clamav clamav-base clamav-freshclam libbz2-1.0 libclamav1 libcurl3 libgmp3 libidn11 ucf at the time of installation it will prompt for the following questions Virus database update method:daemon Local Database mirror site:db.local.HTTP proxy information (leave blank for none):none Should clamd be notified after updates?

In addition, it may also use dedicated helper programs such as the Mail:: Spam Assassin Perl module.

We are going to configure Amavisd-new's daemon, amavisd, to accept mail from our MTA, pass it to Clam AV and Spam Assassin for checking, and then return it back to our MTA for delivery.

Edit the Local Socket setting and comment out the TCPSocket like so: $max_servers sets the number of concurrent Amavisd-new processes and must match the number set in /etc/postfix/"maxproc" column for the amavisfeed service (see configuration of Postfix below).


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