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We are already planning our wedding for next year and are trying to conceive again.

People speak like they know her when I can tell how much she's delt with.

She needs to think about other guy's and why I'm different then she will have the best relationship the best man. Also depends on what I'm working with so she will smile knowing amazing love making is hers. I'm also a mixed martial arts fighter, I fight in a cage. She likes that but she likes knowing I dont want to be without her if i lose her then it's me. Also it helps a Cancer male so much more if an Aries female can reassure us a little more till we are more confident.

We get bored easy so don't bend so quickly this shows an Aries woman a sign of weakness as well.

We like a strong man one we can feel will go the distance, conquer the world and keep up with our impulsive nature but deep down inside we long for loyalty and love an most importantly stabbility.

The Cancer man will like the Aries woman by her brightness, extraordinary thinking, fresh ideas, and he will be happy - to diversify his boring monotonous life with an exciting new relationship.

The Cancer man strives to create a family, he dreams of a comfortable home, about children, and sees a future family life with an Aries woman, as a daily celebration, but in a narrow family circle.

I take care of little things she doesn't do and I know she appreciates them just never gets into emotions.

If I don't see her she knows something is up and it's me giving her room and seeing if she cares about me. I'm literally learning how to be better with her because I want her to mean more in our lives.

We could sit and talk for hours, or do fun stuff together. My Cancer and I have been together 3 yrs moved in and blended my 2 girls with his 2 boys. I know if I fall he will gladly catch me without judgment but a smile like, "oh! " I never feel I'm in need because of how I am his princess. Even though it's 20 yrs difference and 10 late. We have learned what is wrong so we can appreciate all the right in each other. Luckiest Aries Ive been with my cancer man for almost 8 months now. Unfortunatley I misscarried one month into pregnancy and was devastated!!


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