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Sculptor Peter Toth has one of these 20- to 40-foot giants in each state, but Colorado's stop on the Trail of the Whispering Giants in Loveland -- "Redman," carved in 1979 from a 100-year-old fallen cottonwood tree -- gets special attention because it's on the path to Rocky Mountain National Park.Tiny Town and Railroad, outside Denver, isn't just a few miniature houses; it's a complete model town shrunk down.The United States offers offbeat attractions, some amusing, some inspiring, and some disturbing.

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The main feature is "The Great Passion Play," a nearly two-hour re-enactment of the last week in the life of Jesus Christ.

Special effects and live animals complement the 150-person cast.

Click on this link for more pictures from the race: One Lunger Vintage Snow Machine Race 2018 Fremont Lake For those of you wondering if there is going to be an ice fishing derby on Fremont Lake this year, we don't think so. We haven't heard of any plans for a spring fishing derby so far this year.

Fremont Lake has not completely frozen over (the last time it didn't freeze over was in 1981).

Find it in Dothan, outside a scrap metal yard at the Ross Clark Circle on U. Many of the pieces were made with donated materials -- everything from colored glass and pieces of marble to bathroom tiles. Deep in the Petersburg Census Area is Natural Rock Face, an unusual stone formation in the Alaskan wilderness that resembles a face in profile.

The rocky outcrop is not the easiest destination to reach, but it's completely free if you happen to be passing through southern Alaska.The Casa Grande and surrounding buildings and walls date back to about 1350.Children 15 and under are free; adults must purchase a ticket that's valid for seven days.It's perhaps best viewed from a boat, which affords a stunning vista of the rock face with a glacier backdrop.At Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, about an hour's drive southeast of Phoenix, visitors can see the remains of one of the largest prehistoric structures in North America.The event was hosted by Snow Explorers/Altitude Off-Road Inc.


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