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If your site goes down, you want to be the first to know and not receive an email from someone else they can not access your site.

Site Up is a small program that runs on your computer in the background checking your site on a regular basis.

There are all kinds of things that need to be done when maintaining a website.

Think about it, if you visit a website that is not updated regularly will you continue to visit it?

Why should your own website or blog be like that then?

Look at your web server stats to determine your website traffic.

If your web hosting account doesn’t have website stats then get one installed.

Scheduling at least monthly would be the timeline to start with.

Backing up your website is something you should do all the time, especially if you are the type that uses the online interface of your store or blog to make changes. Even though the web hosting company says they backup the sites on their servers, their last backup could have been before your last edit.

Look up in the WHOIS records what information is recorded for your domain name. Sometimes when you initially sign up for your domain you would have used an email address that is no longer vaild. If your site is slow to load, they are not going to wait.

This needs to be updated as when there is a problem with your domain or an expiry notice is sent out you won’t get the emails. Testing the download speed of your site regularly is important. You need to do everything you can to improve the download speed of your site or blog so visitors stay to read your content and hopefully provide you with organic incoming links by spreading the word for you what a wonderful site you have. With changes within the site and if you referenced someone in one of your articles or somewhere else within the site links could have changed or are broken. Just use a link checker to test your external links and internal links at least once a month.

One thing a website stats program installed on your server will do that Google Analytics doesn’t is show you who is hotlinking (linking directly to your images on your site) . Using Google Alerts, you can monitor your website name, your name, your brand and your content on the web. This gives you an opportunity to jump into the conversation. Fix a problem that is being discussed related to your business.

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