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" That is when viewers meet Mazen — "a 20-year-old Egyptian guy" who, "like every other Egyptian guy," badly wants to sleep with a girl, but can't. Last year, under the rule of Muslim Brotherhood member and then-President Mohammed Morsi, the prosecutor-general tried, unsuccessfully, to implement an earlier court ruling banning pornographic websites — a move widely criticized for its estimated cost and censorship.

“Every girl watches porn,” says one of the female interviewees bluntly, seated on a pink bed with stuffed animals and her laptop.

First uploaded in September to the You Tube channel of one of the video's stars, Mazen Shaheen, it has received more than 53,500 views and more than 240 comments debating the issues raised in the almost 14-minute clip — including masturbation, pornography and the taboo of premarital sex.

Recent resharing of the video has resulted in 2,500 more views since Nov. Early on, the video cuts from voyeuristic shots of Egyptian couples filmed in parks and streets, to a white screen with writing that reads: "Libido: Do you know what it means? A cartoon explains that when a young Mazen asks his parents about sex, he is told only, "shame" and "forbidden." In school, he does not receive sex education. Egypt is the number two country in the world for Google searches of the word "sex," the video states.

The two spells were not targeted at a specific person.

Rather, they were written in such a way that the person who cast the spell would only need to insert the name of the person being targeted — sort of like an ancient "Mad Libs." [In Photos: Two Ancient Curses Discovered in Italy] Researchers date the two spells to the third century A.

So a lot of these guys who act so open-minded end up judging the very women they are in relationships with.

It’s very common to hear guys say, ' I’ll never marry a girl I messed around with,'” Nesma said.

“It’s our parents, they make you think it’s bad to hang out with girls.

You’re separated in schools, and when you get older you don’t know how to act right with them.” More than 90% of Egyptian society “is sexually illiterate," the narrator exclaims in the You Tube video, joking later that many find themselves turning to masturbation — while also using activities such as exercising, reading, playing video games, music and praying to quell their libidos.

Such solutions are "great" but won't extinguish sexual energy, the narrator says.

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