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Now, when you’re a generally intolerant person—someone with overly high expectations, little patience, and a desire for perfection from others—you will assume that surges of anger over noises people make is just another example of your intolerance.

That is why the sheer redemption I feel over the discovery that I have an actual disorder— just intolerant—but they have also made me grateful that my condition is comparatively mild.

I’m not a researcher, but I am a consistent complainer who has talked about this issue with uncountable people during my lifetime, and last year, I met the only other person who has ever been able to relate to my experience.

An Emotional Freedom Technique therapist I saw a few years ago in search of relief told me my irritation was connected to trauma; in vain, she tapped on my, um, "energy meridians" to resolve the issue.The piece reports that studies have linked OCD and PTSD to misophonia but does that potential connection really matter?Sure, I've diagnosed myself with OCD, as has almost everyone else I know, though I know that whatever qualifies me for it is quite manageable—needing to read my phone notifications the second I see them doesn't interfere with the quality of my life.Many people believe we overpathologize everyday feelings and habits: A guy stubs the same toe a few times and suddenly doctors claim he has a disorder that causes him to continue to hurt the same body part repeatedly.For those who get upset over this, you can calm down (Kathie Lee and Hoda, I’m talking to you).But most of the time, the efforts are entirely ineffective.

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