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Because of the high dependency on all of these factors and the complexity with which workflows are built, troubleshooting workflows can sometimes get challenging.

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Click the hyperlink to enter the appropriate parameter. The error icon signifies that something must be configured before you start the workflow. When you rest the mouse pointer over the error icon, a Screen Tip tells you how to correct the error. Under Workflow Steps, an error icon next to a workflow step indicates that the step contains an error. Top of Page Sometimes workflows that compile successfully in Office Share Point Designer 2007 later fail to run on the server.

A number of reasons can cause a workflow to fail — for example, there may be a workflow that creates a new item in a library and this library might have been deleted, or your permissions may have recently changed, thus preventing your access to the list or site.

You use this wizard when configuring the three task actions: Assign a Form to a Group, Assign a To-do Item, and Collect Data from a User.

In a step with conditional branches, every branch except the last one must have a condition.

When a workflow fails to complete successfully, its final status appears in the column with that workflow's name, in the list to which the workflow is attached, as shown here.

In addition to Completed, a final status you might see in this column are Error Occurred, Stopped, or Failed on start (retrying).

Clear the Automatically start this workflow when a new item is created checkbox to fix this problem.

Workflow is one of the most complex and powerful features in Share Point Products and Technologies.

This article states only the common causes of workflow errors.


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