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Another decides to debate in secret by whispering so the public in the audience would not hear her. Pages 8-10Thousands of cities, towns and counties have banned wood shake shingles on buildings as a fire hazard.

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MONARCH FIRE DISTRICT SAY GOODBYE TO SUSPENDED FIRE CHIEF AND HIRES PERMANENT FIRE CHIEF AND ASSISTANT CHIEF: Chuck Marsonette, the suspended Fire Chief at the Monarch Fire District is no longer the fire chief and no longer an employee effective December 31. Pages 35 & 36 TOWN SQUARE, THE CHARADE CONTINUES: Politicians and developers could not find any ground to break on December 16 for an alleged grounding breaking of the Town Square project.

Instead they threw shovels full of dirt in the air.

We first wrote about her when she was arrested after she and her 20-year-old sister had been drinking at Harpos and were fighting each other outside the bar. Pages 9-11 Subdivision trustees upset that homeowner was allowed not to follow the plans that had been approved by the city. See the changes and read about a lack of enforcement and a lack of ethics.

Pages 21-24We confirmed Libby Malberg-Tucker is no longer with the city, but the city is having problems with it as she still has a whole page on the citys website a week after her firing, err I mean her position elimination.

Pages 8-10ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT DRUNK CHESTERFIELD MAN DRIVES OFF ROAD AND KNOCKS DOWN 70-FEET OF FENCE AT HUNTERS FARM: This guy actually got points on his drivers license record.

It was apparently a Christmas gift in June from Judge Mary Ott to the public.Pages 10-12We got a response to our complaint that the Mercedes dealer was lying by claiming it is of Chesterfield when it is located in OFallon, Missouri in St. The complaint reached Germany and came back through Mercedes Benz of America.Pages 18-20Now this years VP Queen was not from Pagedale.Pages 7-9 DRUNK CHESTERFIELD WOMAN ARRESTED FOR THIRD DWI: Her second DWI was an accident in Town and Country on I-64.Three months after pleading guilty to that one she is arrested again for DWI.Pages 3-5 While the Town and Country Police were very cooperative in sharing information, the OFallon, Missouri Police Department were not as willing to follow Missouri Law. Page 32 FORMER CHESTERFIELD POLICE OFFICER DAVID CERNA, COP, SEX PERVERT, VIDEO PRODUCER AND WEBSITE OWNER!

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