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It would appear that he first trained in Suffolk then completed his studies in the capital with Hubert François Gravelot and Francis Hayman, establishing himself as a portrait painter in his native city of Sudbury in 1748.

Despite this, Gainsborough’s true metier was landscape painting and his earliest known works are views that recall those of the Dutch 17-century landscape painters, inspired by the works of Jacob van Ruisdael and Jan Wijnants.

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Sarah Buxton is an amazing new, dynamic, exciting country artist who just released her first album on Lyric Street Records.

A respected and in-demand songwriter (she co-wrote "Stupid Boy," a huge hit for Keith Urban) she is also a tremendous performer with a captivating voice.

At this period he also painted small-format portraits in which the sitters are located in outdoor, rural settings in a natural, simple manner.

In order to expand his clientele Gainsborough moved to Ipswich in 1752 and about 1759 settled in the elegant spa town of Bath where his portraits underwent a transformation.

In fact, a Twitter feed is featured on her Home Page which automatically updates with each new tweet from Sarah.

The News and Tour pages are easily updated by anyone in Sarah's camp using our custom built Admin section.

In addition to the information found on the website there are multiple ways for fans to stay connected with Sara: links for My Space, Twitter, Facebook and You Tube are featured on each page.


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